Top Three Reasons (out of hundreds) to Consider Waimea Valley as Your Wedding Venue

November 23|Features


Steeped in Spirituality


Aside from being a breathtaking venue, Waimea Valley is a sacred place steeped in history and cultural significance to the Hawaiian people.

Once known as the “Priests Valley,” Waimea was home to the kahuna nui, the religious advisor to the chief dating back to 1092 A.D. The last kahuna nui to reside in Waimea was Hewahewa, advisor to Hawaiiʻs first king, Kamehameha the Great. To the Hawaiian people, Waimea Valley is a place of worship and spirituality. In essence, you’ll be getting married in a space that holds so much special mana (life force).

Waimea is one of the last intact ahupuaʻa or land division systems on Oahu. Ecologically speaking, Waimea is how the entire island of Oʻahu was managed for hundreds of years so all beings (human and animal) had access to fresh water and sources of food. Being on the capital island, it is difficult to find a place such as this. When you come to Waimea Valley you are stepping into another world. 

Being off the grid your wedding guests have no choice but to be off their phones and talk to each other and meet their new family and friends. What a concept! At least you’ll know that your wedding photos won’t be leaked. The Valley’s walls surround you in a comforting embrace inviting the eyes, mind, and soul to relax and enjoy your special day with loved ones. Each venue will feel that much more intimate even though you’re surrounded by 1,200 plus acres. As stewards to Waimea Valley, the cultural and botanical teams work very hard to keep the Valley preserved in her natural beauty so you’ll definitely save on decorations and floral arrangements!

Location, Location, Location

Waimea Valley is located in one of the most desired places to visit in the world, the North Shore of Oʻahu. Waimea is tucked away in a lush tropical rainforest directly across the marine conservation site, Waimea Bay where surf legends are made. Side note, Waimea Bay’s beach is great for swimming and snorkeling throughout the late spring and summer and is perfect for a beach day as a part of your wedding week activities. 

The epic sandy beaches that line the North Shore’s seven-mile stretch has an array of accommodations including the newly renovated luxury resort, Turtle Bay. (Ask us about our vacation rental contacts!) About a forty-five-minute drive north of Waikikīkī, the North Shore has lots of things to do like exploring your adventurous side and plan a day to swim with sharks, surf lessons, rent a catamaran for a sail along the coast or fishing, shopping in old Haleʻiwa town, attend Toa Lū’au’s popular show at Waimea Valley, 

stand up paddle boarding at the ʻAnahulu River, eat at one of the many famous garlic shrimp trucks, indulge in one (or many) shave ice sweet treats or Dole Plantation’s famous Dole whip, or enjoy the majestic Hawaiian sunsets off Kaʻena. If you want to get away from the city and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, Waimea Valley’s location is the option to have your wedding, and have your family and friends stay to get the authentic Hawaii experience.  

1,000 Photo Opps

Surrounded by forty-five world-class botanical gardens, five thousand plus plant species, and a 45-foot plunging waterfall, yes, we really mean thousands of photo opportunities. These are only a handful of Waimea Valley’s highlights to take your wedding day portraits to the next level. Waimea Valley, also, conveniently offers a photo session as an a la carte service, which we highly advise you to add to your wedding package. The photo session takes you, your photographer, and/or videographer on an hour-long golf cart ride throughout the entire Valley choosing the best locations to take your portraits either as a first look or after your ceremony and family pictures. You don’t need to climb through the trenches of a jungle to reach the waterfall but only take a couple of steps off the golf cart.

Fly your drone above the open meadows to capture the extravagance of this lush venue location. There is also a plethora of natural monstera walls to check off your tropical photo shot list. Check! 

The sunlight that pierces through the Valley in the early morning or dusk is something studio lighting or filter will never be able to replicate. At the right moment under the shade of the 100-foot monkey pod canopy, you will understand the meaning of that special Hawaiian glow.  The botanical gardens veer off into smaller trails that take you through stone stairways sprinkled with moss adding a touch of enchantment. The winding branches and roots of the hala and banyan trees add an intricate design of nature’s complex beauty and wonder. 

The most difficult part is narrowing down where to shoot, but don’t worry we know this place like the back of our hand and have our go-to’s depending on what you envision for these memories we are about to make.  And your guests? They will have their own fun creating mini photoshoots and making all their social media followers FOMO from their epic selfies.