Conservation Tree Planting

Every tree planted in the native forests above Waimea Valley strengthens these precious conservation lands and enhances the watershed.

Each tree is a $30 donation. Our staff will accompany you on your tree planting which must be scheduled, or we can plant the tree(s) on your behalf. 

Free single-day admission is included with each tree purchased. 

An annual family pass (2 adults and 6 children 18 years old and under) 

is included with purchases of 10 trees or more. 

Multiple trees may be eligible for discounted pricing please inquire at

If you are ready to donate fill out the form CONSERVATION TREE APPLICATION.pdfand email to

 CONSERVATION TREE DONATION or mail application and payment to:


Hi'ipaka LLC Waimea Valley

59-864 Kamehameha Hwy.

Haleiwa, HI 96712


How can I send in my donation?

Fill out the donation form that also has a credit card authorization form. You can access the form by clicking here: CONSERVATION TREE APPLICATION.pdf

You can fill both forms out and email to or call (808)638-5858 with credit card information. You can also mail in a check with your donation form. The third option is filling out the donation form and sending it by mail or email and paying through PayPal. The ID name for PayPal is 

If I want to plant my tree(s) when can I come in?

After your donation has been processed on the form you will mark if you want to plant the tree(s) or have our staff do it on your behalf. If you would like to come in we will put you in touch with our Conservation Manager who will schedule a time and date for planting. The planting will on Kalahe'e Ridge located above Waimea Valley. This will require a moderate-suitable 45-minute hike up and down and be a full day of planting. Plant days are from 9 am to 3 pm. More instructions will be given to you by our Conservation Manager. 

How do I get my single day or annual family pass?

Once we receive and process your donation forms we will email you a confirmation. In the email confirmation, we will ask you if you would like the pass(s) mailed to you or leave them to be picked up at the Waimea Valley gift shop. If you donated over 10 trees you will receive an annual family pass. We will send you an additional form in the confirmation email requesting your family information to add to your pass. The annual pass is good for one-day admission for you, one other adult, and six children ages 0-18 years old. On the annual family pass form, we ask you if you would like the pass(s) mailed to you or leave them to be picked up at the Waimea Valley gift shop.